A view of the beautiful sunset

Hordes of tourists besiege the island of Santorini every year, eager to bask in the warm sunshine and the presence of their beloved one. What could be more romantic? Why, sitting down with a glass of something good and watching the sun shyly dip its underbelly into the sea!

A view of the beautiful sunset

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In Norway you might get lucky with a sunset that lasts all night long, and in Ibiza the beautiful sight might just be the beginning to your wild night. With Earth Day around the corner, it is a great reminder to take in the view of the most beautiful sunsets the world has to offer… 25 Places to See the Most Beautiful Sunset 1 of 26 Click through to check 'em all out!

Find out more at National Geographic. Cape York Peninsula, Australia 3 of 26 Head down under to take in the view of the brightly colored sunset over the beautiful landscape. Benirras, Ibiza 4 of 26 The night life in Ibiza begins with this eye-catching sunset.

Find out more at Aol.

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Jericoacoara, Brazil 5 of 26 Find a spot on the beach and cuddle up to your loved ones. Find out more at AOL.

Orcas Island, Washington 6 of 26 Hop on a kayak just in time to take in this magical view. Find out more at Smarter Travel. Lake Bled, Slovenia 7 of 26 Be transported to a medieval world during your trip to the Slovenia waterfront.

Bar Harbor, Maine 8 of 26 Maine is gorgeous in the fall and at sunset. Find out more at Today. Svalbard, Norway 9 of 26 Catch a glimpse of the midnight sun that lasts all night long. Find out more at Nord Norge.

Kerala, India 10 of 26 Enjoy the warm sun, even as it sets. Find out more at Telegraph. Cathedral Cove, New Zealand 11 of 26 It's no surprise that an already beautiful country sparkles with a sight such as this. Find out more at Forbes. Atacama Desert, Chile 13 of 26 Head south for this beautiful view in the desert.

Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya 14 of 26 I half expect a giant giraffe to come walking by to complete the scene.

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Find out more at CNN. Santorini, Greece 15 of 26 Take in the view with neighbors and friends after a good meal. Alaska 16 of 26 Find out more at Star Spangle.

Mount Haleakala, Hawaii 17 of 26 The legend behind this volcano just adds to the splendor of the sunset. Find out more at Star Spangle.

Zanzibar 18 of 26 Find out more at Lonely Planet. Uros Island, Peru 19 of 26 At the top of the island you can take in the breathtaking view of this magical place on Lago Titicaca. Find out more at Thumpkin. Brittany, France 20 of 26 Sip on delicious wines and take in the sunset.

Find out more at France Daily Photo. London, England 21 of 26 London Bridge is glowing bright. Find out more at DailyMail.

Find out more at Lonely Planet. Napa, California 23 of 26 After a walk through the vineyard, take in the beautiful sun. Find out more at Virgin Vacations.

Ontario, Canada 24 of 26 Float down the Winisk River and enjoy the view.

A view of the beautiful sunset

Burma 25 of 26 Find out more at National Geographic. Zermatt, Switzerland 26 of 26 Climb to the peak, sit back, and relax. Find out more at Care 2. Jacinda Boneau is a fabric designer and founding co-editor at Prudent Babythe premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.vincent kelly: A must do if you live in the Phoenix area.

Located in beautiful Scottsdale. Great exercise and amazing view throughout the hike and especially at the summit. Bring water! The Most Spectacular Places to View the Sunrise in the World Forget photo shopping, these sunrises are so incredible you won’t want to edit your photos.

The sun gives off a magnificent energy, it lights up the sky, perching above mountains, trees, houses and buildings. View all photos: Beautiful Sunset. Photos Of The Sky At first impression, tonight's sunset in Colorado's mountains seemed unimpressive, but a little patience and effort paid off with pretty photos of the sky.

Beautiful sunset view of Spain's main tourist attraction, ancient arabic fortress of Alhambra, Granada, Spain Beautiful sunset view across countryside spills out of magical book and creates stunning landscape background.

Beautiful sunset, our view from Zerimar Medical Equipment Services. A Beautiful View of Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park from Outside the Park. Karumba Point Sunset Caravan Park Accommodation Hotel Fishing Camping Sunset View Tour.

A view of the beautiful sunset

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