An introduction to the literary analysis of the rescue of susanna

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An introduction to the literary analysis of the rescue of susanna

Today Mike gives a deep dive into the background and meaning of Ephesians 6: The principles inculcated within this passage of scripture are timeless and should be fully integrated into the life of the modern believer. The theological connotations contained in this passage must be interpreted as a unified peroration regarding the necessity for the believer to be cognizant of the spiritual battle that permeates our daily existence.

Perhaps more importantly is the applicatory nature of this pericope and the urgency by which Paul endorses persistent engagement of the enemy through the panoply of God and through prayer.

Paul admonishes believers to utilize the armor of God in order to effectively withstand the incessant spiritual barrage which they will daily confront. Scholars typically hold to the assertion that the book of Ephesians was written by Paul during his imprisonment in Rome around the year A.

The concern over the depiction of Paul and the apostles in Ephesians is tenable as discussion on this topic is centered on the role that Paul and the apostles had in the promulgation of the gospel amongst the early church.

The word means nothing more than those whom God has set apart. The letter begins with a greeting to the Church at Ephesus; a standard element of Pauline literature. While objections to Pauline authorship continue to exist, they do not bear sufficient inherent difficulty as to not be overcome.

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In addition to being a major center of commerce, Ephesus also boasted the temple to the fertility goddess Artemis Diana; one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. This is evidenced by the confluence of temple prostitutes that permeated the temple complex and which were an integral part of the worship ceremonies of the goddess Diana.

The spiritual climate of the city of Ephesus and its surrounding communities was one centered on the accumulation of wealth, sexual deviancy and most importantly the worship of Diana.

Upon his departure, Paul left behind his traveling companions Priscilla and Aquila to further the spread of the gospel in this region. His preaching was met with great consternation and hostility and he was eventually forced to depart the synagogue.

An introduction to the literary analysis of the rescue of susanna

Despite this hostility, numerous Jews and even some Gentiles received the saving message of Christ. This lecture hall formed the base of operations for Paul for the next two years as he continued to preach the gospel to the Ephesians.

Spiritual revival had begun to take root in Ephesus and this revival eventually spread to the surrounding cities of Asia Minor. As noted by theologian John Stott, Paul referred to the recipients of his letter as the saints, as faithful and as being in Christ Jesus.

These descriptions are quite impressive especially considering the virulent spiritual environment and the inherent societal and economic risks involved with rejecting the idol worship and sexual depravity which so permeated their culture. Paul reminded the Christians at Ephesus of their position as called out ones by God, the need to keep the faith and the eternal perspective which the people of God should be continually focused upon.

To the Christians of this city, attempting to live for God in the midst of utter paganism, the apostle directs this letter. As noted by theologian A.

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Such a discussion is relevant not to the church at Ephesus but in some respects, an astute comprehension of the nature of true nature of spiritual warfare is even more important for the modern believer. The metaphor of the armor of God utilized by Paul in this passage connotes a sense of a fully armed, well-trained warrior.

Of particular importance is the method by which Paul contrasts a typical Roman soldier to the average believer. As one might imagine, such an individual would be particularly formidable in the arena of close-quarter military combat, where only one is left standing. The picture of an individual such as this fits quite well with the extended metaphor in Ephesians 6: Our enemy is indeed formidable and his attacks should not be taken lightly.The article explores the history of the World Literature Publishing House (–), which was founded in Petrograd under Maxim Gorky’s initiative, and employed many leading writers, scholars, and intellectuals of the time.

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The first sentence of your introduction is the first chance a writer has to capture the attention of the reader. Some people call this a “hook” because it captures a reader’s attention.

70 weeks | Susanna | Prayer of Hananiah | Bel and the dragon. Introduction: 1. Based on literary analysis, then, one would anticipate that if two languages were to be used, the first six chapters would be in one language and the last six chapters in another.

However, it is not that way. (Susanna, Prayer of Hananiah, Bel and the dragon.

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