Chinese writing worksheets

Create Chinese Word Flashcards The system can generate worksheets for all the characters defined in the national standard character set of China and over 7, characters in the traditional Chinese character set. For performance reasons, it is limited to 50 characters at a time. If you want to generate more characters at a time, you can sign up as a premium member.

Chinese writing worksheets

Chinese writing worksheets

More sets in preparation - see the Translators' page. We're delighted to say that the Chinese Traditional Characters vocabulary worksheets have now gone on Chinese writing worksheets - 20th February Our endless thanks for all their hard work go to Shalem Lee translating and Ron Lee checking who have made possible this incredible interlinked English - Pinyin - Chinese characters resource.

All in easy-to-manage blocks, each with about 10 new words or phrases.

The Chinese Traditional Characters verb pages may not be available for some time yet, but the free Chinese Traditional Characters vocabulary translation worksheets can be used independently. Simplified Chinese characters are the official written language in Mainland China, so most Mandarin speakers will use them, but in places like Hong Kong where Cantonese is usually spoken and Taiwan, the Traditional Chinese characters are still used for the actual written language.

However, some Mandarin speakers can read Traditional characters, and some Cantonese speakers can read Simplified Characters. To clarify as much as possible, Simplified Characters are the official written language in mainland China, so most Mandarin speakers in China would tend to use Simplified Characters.

Hanyu Pinyin, which we have used in the Simplified Characters sets of worksheets on the site here, provides the pronunciation guide for Simplified Characters for Mandarin. However in Taiwan, most people speak Mandarin but use Traditional Characters rather than Simplified Characters as the written form of the language - so the best Pinyin-type representation for the Traditional Characters used in Taiwan is also Hanyu Pinyin which is what has been used for the worksheets for both Simplified Characters and Traditional Characters.

With regard to the Cantonese spoken in HongKong where Traditional Characters are also used as the written form of the Chinese language and where pronunciation is different, it would theoretically be possible to add HongKong Cantonese Pinyin and to integrate with the other worksheet sets on line here if enough people wanted to help with this, but we are hoping that the worksheets already provided along with the verbs worksheets when these are ready will be sufficient for basic Chinese-learning requirements.

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If you are learning Mandarin with Simplified Characters this is linked from the pages herehere and here each worksheet links to the other setsand if you are learning Mandarin with Traditional Characters this is linked from the pages herehere and here each worksheet links to the other sets.

If you are learning Cantonese with Traditional Characters these are linked from the page here but you may need a teacher to guide re differences in pronunciation from the Pinyin provided here.

With regard to Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation, we have been asked to include here the following notes: There are 2 basic rules:Alternately: Instead of writing a message or a Chinese character, students could paint scenery in a Chinese style.

This is a great activity to help lead into a Chinese New Year unit.

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Printable worksheets, maps, crafts, and more. Chinese Inventions and the Chinese New Year Grade 2 Second graders discover several of many Chinese inventions. Do you like learning about new things in English?

We have lots of activity sheets about many different topics.

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Download and print the worksheets to do puzzles, quizzes and lots of . Are your kids struggling with Chinese writing? Confused by their stroke order? Take a look at our Chinese writing worksheets. We hope that they can help your kids master their writing and at the same time, learn more basic characters and words.

Want a preview of our worksheet? Feel free. Handwriting Practice Handwriting Worksheets. These are the latest versions of the handwriting worksheets.

They have been rewritten to use sweeping lines instead of static fonts.

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In this post, you'll find eight tips to improve your handwriting. The post also includes a link to a free printable cursive handwriting worksheet!

In this post, you'll find eight tips to improve your handwriting. The post also includes a link to a free printable cursive handwriting worksheet!

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Chinese writing worksheets
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