Intrenational relations essay

There are many case study topics to choose from, and this is what makes this choice a bit hard and intimidating for most students. You should look for a topic that can help you facilitate an interesting discussion. This date influenced both international relations and world politics a lot because now many countries are closer together. Basically, this subject is quite influential, so take it into account when planning your politics paper.

Intrenational relations essay

State of the Discipline.

Intrenational relations essay

Also accessible on the web in revised form at http: In his article "International onflict: Assessing the Democratic Peace and Offense-Defense Theory" the political scientist and author James Morrow posits as his central query why different international actors such as states fight when there are peaceful settlements that both states would ideally prefer, as opposed to entering into a conflict.

Thus, why do states enter into war?

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Morrow begins his article with a theoretical overview of the potential reasons states enter into war, and ends with several specific examples, including the nations involved in World War II. Morrow is…… [Read More] Conflict is costly, but alas, Morrow states, conflict is not the only way nations measure extracted costs.

War's costs are unpredictable, of course, but other nation's behavior patterns are unpredictable during negotiations. There may be some predictability in terms of specific interactions between specific nations, based on past behavior, but no national actions can be predicted with unerring accuracy.

First and foremost, Morrow stresses, it is critical to examine variation across and within cases, rather than trying to predict the outcome of individual cases.


Ultimately, despite his theoretical construction, Morrow takes a dim view of theoretical predictability given that offensive-defensive theory does not necessarily predict even the conflicts of the past such as World Wars I and II. However, despite the lack of predictability of international actors and resultant war, even from an offensive point-of-view, one of the costs of initiating a crisis is the chance that it will escalate to war.

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If the parties involved can anticipate the magnitude of that chance, then coercive diplomacy becomes less attractive as the chance it will result in war rises.

Of course, the full effects of all factors on the probability of a crisis and of it escalating the crisis are never certain.

Morrow Morrow suggests to mitigate potential unpredictability, nations should examine not pre-historical or pre-existing measures of resolve, in other words, the current actions taken during a crisis, rather than pre-crisis balances of capabilities of actions Morrow citing Fearon b.

Thus the states involved change their strategies accordingly Morrow concludes his article with an overall critique of the supposed universality of offensive-defensive theory, particularly is failure to account for democratic society's better ability to achieve a sense of peace between one another -- a tendency, obviously, not a universal postulate.

Still, he states that such a theory as offensive-defensive theory does not explain wars taken for limited ends, merely assuming that wars are undertaken willingly by at least one of the participants though strategic responses to expectations about the likely course of a war may not be as straightforward as the theory assumes.The study of International Relations includes the study of organizations in a great deal.

Almost every writer of international relations has their literature on International organizations. In this study of the theories of international organization, four major groups are emphasized. Firstly, this essay will only look at 4 benefits, which are comparability, credibility, principles and discipline.

Secondly, this essay will state three national differences and evaluate their difficulties in gaining agreement. International relations definition is - a branch of political science concerned with relations between nations and primarily with foreign policies.

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a branch of political science concerned with relations between nations and primarily . Introduction As far as the discipline of International Relations is concerned, 'security' and 'threat' are highly-contested concepts (Baldwin 10).

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