Machuca analysis

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Machuca analysis

In fact, director-co-writer Andres Wood feels you cannot hope to understand one aspect of his fatally intertwined story unless you are willing to understand them both. Set in the time leading up to the violent military overthrow of Chilean President Salvador Allende on Sept.

Machuca analysis

Its story of how grave and painful the divisions in Chilean society were, and how those tensions affected the relationship between Machuca analysis pair of year-old boys, will surprise you by how far it goes and how troubling its outcome is.

Wood was 8 years old when the coup that brought Gen. Children experience events, but they do not judge. They simply live, and bear witness. That epoch is clearly a memory its creator cannot shake, and as his testament progresses, we can see why.


One of those boys, Pedro Machuca Ariel Matelunaends up sitting behind Gonzalo, and, despite hazing and hostility from classmates, the boys gradually form a tentative friendship.

A sweet boy and not at all the kind to cause trouble, Gonzalo is in particular need of a friend because he is an outsider in his own family. His older sister is boy crazy, his father is disengaged, and though his mother a vibrant Aline Kuppenheim is loving, her regular liaison with an older man is the focus of her attention.

Gonzalo is soon living as much of a double life as his mother, joining his new friends as equal-opportunity vendors who sell flags to wave to demonstrators of both the pro- and anti-Allende factions.

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With hoarding by merchants, the killing of dogs for food by the poor and the country on the verge of nobody knew what, the class division that bedevils the country sweeps St.

Several factors make "Machuca" as involving as it is, starting with strong performances, especially by the actors playing the two boys. They were picked after a yearlong search and then had the benefit of a seven-month rehearsal and improvisation period.

Unusual for a film that is so strong on character, "Machuca" has an excellent visual sense that helps give its numerous demonstrations and action set pieces real veracity. The best thing about "Machuca," however, is its exceptionally balanced tone.

No matter where it goes, it gives you the sense that this is the way it must have been, and it is hard to ask for more than that. Adult subject matter A Menemsha Films release.

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Please donate to support our Social Impact One of the boys, Machuca Ariel Matelunaslowly forges a friendship with Gonzalo after some awkward first impressions and introduces him to the political strife when he takes Gonzalo out into Santiago and teaches him how to sell patriotic flags at opposing socialist and nationalist rallies.

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A particularly good one is Machuca, a film from Chile about a young boy's coming-of-age. It also happens to be one of the most gripping and soul-stirring dramas ever made about the virulence of class warfare and its manifold toxins.

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Machuca analysis

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