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The following are a few tips the everyday investor can use to evaluate ETFs. You need to know why you would put your money into an ETF rather than into a mutual fund, stock, rental property or bar of gold. An ETF's appeal is wrapped around its core benefitswhich include liquidityportfolio diversificationlow entry costs and transparency. If these qualities are not the most important factors for you, it may be time to look for a different asset.

Report research efts

Just click the type of quick screen you want, then choose the area of focus. How are Similar Funds determined?

Morningstar ETFInvestor

XTF uses a proprietary algorithm to develop a list monthly of potentially similar ETPs based on a number of financial characteristics.

The ETP characteristics evaluated by XTF's algorithm include, but are not limited to, geography, investment philosophy, style, market capitalization, credit grade and return correlations. ETNs are not mutual funds; they are unsecured debt of the issuer.

ETNs may trade at a price significantly different from their indicative value. ETNs can become illiquid; you should be willing and able to hold your notes until maturity.

Some ETNs are callable or redeemable by the issuer before their stated maturity date.

Report research efts

The tax treatment of ETNs is uncertain and may vary from what is described in the prospectus. These products are for sophisticated investors. They are not designed for buy-and-hold investors who seek to track an index over a long period of time.

This function provides general educational information on potentially similar ETPs. While this function may be of use to investors in evaluating certain information about ETPs, it should not be considered to include every factor that may be necessary for an investor to make a decision to invest in an ETP.

ETF Analyst Reports

A decision to invest in a particular ETF may be based on a number of factors, including investors' needs, goals, and comfort with risk. Please read the ETP's prospectus, offering circulate or other publicly available investment information before making an investment decision.

As with other investments through Fidelity, you must decide for yourself if an investment in a security is consistent with your evaluation of the security, your investment objectives, your risk tolerance, your investment time frame and your financial situation.

The information provided is educational in nature and should not be used as the sole basis for an investment decision.

ETF Research Methodology

By making this information available, Fidelity is not endorsing or guaranteeing the suitability or potential value of any particular investment or information source. The size of each box represents the relative change in net assets of the asset class within each category.

A larger box indicates a greater change in net assets for the asset class. These 3 views are updated in the following manner: Relative Volume by Asset Class - Using the day average of the daily volume for both the market and the security; we divide the security's average volume by the market's total volume to determine the normal percentage of the total volume that comes from each security.

Report research efts

Throughout the trading day, we will do a similar calculation, comparing the current volume for that security to the total market volume at that point in the day. The two calculations are compared and if the current day's percentage is greater than the average, the security has higher relative volume than the market.

Market close price change and volume will appear until next market open. Expert Strategies are featured to help educate investors about different investment styles used by research firms and consist of a mix of screens from different providers representing different equity styles and are intended to reflect current market trends.

They are typically changed monthly. · iShares Russell Mid-Cap Growth ETF (IWP - Free Report) With AUM of $ billion, this ETF offers diversified exposure to the mid-cap segment by tracking the Russell MidCap Growth Get ETF analyst reports from an independent source you can trust - Morningstar.

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