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Write api services florida

This document is the official reference for that functionality. Simply tap the button below to import a pre-made collection of examples and the associated environment variables. See the chapter about Postman on how to install and setup the collection.

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Basic concepts Assumptions Throughout this document it is assumed that the reader is well acquainted with the WorkWave Route Manager Web Applicationits features and terminology. Methods that submit or change data require a POST. More details on REST can be found here. A list of REST frameworks is available at the bottom of the above mentioned page.

Details on how JSON works can be found here and here. Libraries that convert to and from the JSON format are readily available for popular and less popular programming languages.

write api services florida

Parameters have certain expectations Some API methods take optional or requisite parameters. Asynchronous requests All requests that add, update or delete data write-requests are asynchronous.

All asynchronous requests return immediately with a requestId. The actual response, complete with the requestId, is POSTed to the notifications callback URL as soon as the originating request is processed see the following paragraph for more details about notifications. A callback URL is defined on a per-account basis to receive event notifications.

write api services florida

The queue has a maximum size of 10 items. The amount of throttling and rate-limiting varies on a per-request-type basis and may dynamically change in response to system load. The request cannot be accepted. The accompanying error message explains why Unauthorized: Authentication credentials are missing or incorrect Not Found: Wait before retrying and reduce the rate of requests Server Error: Something bad and unexpected happened, typically a bug or an unplanned maintenance update.

The WorkWave support team is automatically alerted when this error happens but you may wish to contact them directly to provide additional details to help in the resolution Bad Gateway: The WorkWave Route Manager servers are up, but overloaded with requests.

See examples in the right panel. Error Codes Error codes, as found in the body of returned error messages, further define the scope of an error. The following error codes may be returned: Something is wrong with the request.Whoxy API Services with phone number +, address, and interactive map.

Introduction. WorkWave Route Manager (WWRM) exposes its data via an Application Programming Interface (API). This document is the official reference for that functionality.

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